Clean Energy Associates (CEA)
is a North American-owned solar PV quality assurance, supply
chain management and engineering services firm

Founded in 2008, Clean Energy Associates (CEA) is a North American-owned solar PV quality assurance, supply chain management and engineering services firm based in China with 60+ professionals serving the needs of project developers, IPPs, EPCs, financial institutions and other downstream partners that value supply chain transparency and quality solutions in the solar energy field. Led by a management team with a combined 150+ years of solar PV business experience and supported by 35+ engineers, who help solve a broad array of clients’ downstream needs for higher system performance. The CEA team has accumulated vast amounts of upstream and downstream experience through the completion of 16+ GW of PV projects in 30 countries worldwide.

Based in Asia, CEA’s global engineering team is dedicated to ensuring comprehensive quality assurance (QA) solutions by providing 24/7 factory monitoring oversight and system level engineering support services that are objective and truly supplier independent. CEA’s PV QA engineers have audited factories and installation sites in over 25 countries, including over 150 factory audits in Asia, EMEA, and North America over the past 9 years, encompassing a broad range of products from crystalline and thin film modules as well as inverters, racking and other BOS components. In many of these cases, CEA has also supported its clients in the definition of a supply chain strategy, supplier identification, commercial negotiation, and ongoing execution of procurement contracts and vendor relationships. CEA’s commercial and manufacturing expertise enables successful procurement engagements which often involve C-level executives at headquarters as well as interaction with regional decision makers within various suppliers.

Our History

CEA established in Hong Kong
CEA (China) Limited established in Shanghai
First QA project for German client
US entity established; served over 50 clients.
First 100MW+ QA project, first ES project
First Inverter QA, over 100 clients; Chile spa established; employee number doubles to over 60
First racking QA project; over 16GW
Sales support team in Philippines; Denver office opened; First time exhibit in India

Your CEA Team

Clients & Partners

Clean Energy Associates’ Prior Engagements

CEA’s client list extends throughout the solar value chain in both upstream and downstream sectors. CEA has worked actively with
three of the top 10 largest EPCs in the United States, two of the largest global PV developers , as well as countless other innovative
clean technology companies throughout various different markets


Supply Chain Management and Quality Assurance engagement for one of the largest renewable energy-focused IPPs in the US

Type of Company : IPP
  • CEA began assisting with procurement efforts in 2009 and has guided the client through changing market conditions and policies.
  • CEA assisted with the development of best-in-class SCM practices, delivering regular global supply chain, international trade policy, and OEM analysis updates.
  • As the client’s solar PV portfolio began to grow over time, CEA remained its trusted advisor on supply chain management and quality control issues.
Best Practices :
  • CEA’s technical due diligence and factory monitoring helped convince bank to accept an annual degradation rate 0.2% better than market standard, which allowed the client to secure better financing terms equating to multi-million dollar project savings.
  • Provided support with regards to supplier distress and market uncertainty

Exclusive Quality Assurance partnerwith Southeastern US Solar IPP

Type of Company : IPP
  • CEA assisted with procurement efforts and became the firm’s exclusive partner for QC work in Asia
  • CEA provided guidance in developing best-in-class supply chain management practices while providing on-the-ground quality assurance support
  • In light of recent concerns regarding solar module production quality, CEA provided client and supporting financial institution with comprehensive QA reports to allay fears of future project viability
  • CEA provided detailed packaging reviews, and analysis of micro-crack problems across geographies
Best Practices :
  • CEA’s inspection reports helped convince the client and its bank,of the bankability for a Tier 2 supplier providing strong pricing and credit terms
  • Quality assurance efforts provided oversight into production methods and BOM analysis during period of undersupply with Taiwanese cells
  • Technical team provided comparative analysis of worldwide solar PV third party testing labs for client to integrate into QA platform


To help our clients and partners deploy solar energy solutions worldwide.


To become by 2025 the leading global solar energy engineering services firm that creates tangible impact with every client.

Values We Believe In

We Are

  • We are inclusive and value diversity
  • We appreciate and support each other
  • We celebrate wins; teamwork is the key to our success


  • We value smiles and laughter
  • We see synergy with our work and personal lives
  • We strive for balance among work, family and community


  • We approach people and problems with curiosity
  • We always search for new ways to get things done
  • We constantly seek to understand our market, improve our strategy and benefit our clients


  • We listen with empathy and understand with compassion
  • We act with transparency and openness
  • We admit our mistakes; success is infinitely divisible

Do the Right

  • We do the right thing for the right reasons in the right way
  • We act with integrity and authenticity, even when under pressure
  • We are honest and listen Results Matter


  • We know that getting things done counts most
  • We consistently execute our work despite challenges
  • We have a bias for action and search for answers Results Matter


  • We take ownership of our actions and responsibilities
  • We approach obstacles with the mindset that we can overcome them
  • We honor our commitments and hold ourselves and each other accountable

Perform Above
and Beyond

  • We ask ourselves “What more can I do?
  • We understand our work and strive to exceed expectations
  • We define success by achievement and high client satisfaction Results Matter